Victor Victoria Drag King AKA Brégge Fahy

Posted on March 22, 2024

From my series “Looking for Brigid”. To commemorate the 1500th anniversary of Brigid’s death in 2024, I created a series of photographic portraits of contemporary women and children named Brigid (or its iterations).

When Brégge contacted me to participate in the project, I was fascinated by her story and so interested in adding a Drag King to the project.

“My name is Brégge Fahy. I am a costume embroiderer, cutter and maker working in film, tv and theatre. I am also a Drag King Victor Victoria. The women who come to the show come away feeling very empowered and entertained. I play with male stereotypes. It is about time female strengths and powers were given the respect they deserve in Ireland.

What goes on behind the curtain in the drag king world and what appears on stage are often worlds apart. We drag kings work hard to make the show happen, and make the performance look easy. However underneath all that is the planning, rehearsals, binders to flatten our breasts, packing in our jocks, then add the carefully crafted costume and the makeup. All this combines to produce our art form which becomes the character we portray as our drag king self which is something that we develop over time and construct mentally and physically. Our drag king character has different qualities than our own, a different style, walk, posture, attitude, opinions and thoughts forming the brand new persona you see before you on stage.

To me Brigid is an ancient Deity worshipped in Ireland way before Christianity. She is kind, helpful, clever, and formidable. She is good for her people.”

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