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Film & TV Unit Stills Photographer

My great love of cinema comes from my aunt who ran an Art Deco cinema down the country. That building was just magical. I can still see the chandeliers in the lobby. It looked so glamorous to a child. The building was our playground when the cinema was closed during the day. Most importantly we could have whatever sweets we wanted from the shop.

My Career as a Stills Photographer

I have worked on productions such as Penny Dreadful, Funny Games, Clean Sweep and Silver. In the weeks before the world paused in 2022, the Dublin Film Festival commissioned me to produce a series of portraits of the visiting actors and directors. All were wonderful to work with and a pleasure to meet.

I love taking unit stills photography. Thus one of my most favourite genre of photography. I find it very easy constantly having great scenes in front go your eyes to photograph.

So also very exciting to see my photographs being used for the film’s publicity.

My Creative Approach To Unit Stills Photography

I am very down-to-earth and unobtrusive in my approach. People feel at ease in my company. With the ability of blending in so that no one really notices me. This allows me to work to the fullest. I don’t know how I do it, just comes naturally. A director recently mentioned that he did not notice me at all. Even though I worked close to his side all day. That is what I like to hear.

Some of my most favourite photographs are the behind-the-scenes stills. Capturing the atmosphere and magic of the set. Also the cast and crew in their natural state or preparing for a scene.

These are some of my favourite TV, film and production stills that I hope you enjoy.

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